We’d like to start off by simply thanking you for being interested in what we are building and for getting to this point. We hope to make the buying process a breeze and are here to answer questions along the way and ensure you’re able to join our exclusive club!

Below we’ve written out the steps required to purchase as well as links for more information. As a reminder, you won’t be able to purchase until our Public Sale date, 09/19, unless you’ve entered the PREMINT raffle and have been selected for the Allow List / Presale on 09/18.


  1. Download MetaMask Wallet on App Store (Look for the Fox icon)
MetaMask Icon

2. Open the App, Create an Account, Set a Password, and Store Security Phrase.

3. Write down the Security Phrase and store it somewhere securely.

*This secret security phrase is the key to your wallet, if you were to lose your phone. Making a few copies is also advised.*

4. Decide which Joe’s Imports Membership NFT Tier you would like to purchase. (Bronze — $100, Silver — $500, or Gold — $1750)

5. Purchase the appropriate amount of Ethereum (ETH) directly through your MetaMask wallet. Accepts Apple Pay and Debit Cards.

*Please be mindful of transaction costs. Buy an additional ~$20 worth of ETH to cover transaction costs.*

6. Visit Joe’s Website and “Copy” the URL

Open your new MetaMask app

Click The 3 Lines on Top Left

Click Browser

Paste the Joe’s Imports URL in the browser

7. Select “Purchase Here” and it will direct you to the website to purchase.

8. Select the tier you’d like to purchase and “Mint” the number of membership cards desired.

10. Sign and approve the transaction.

11. CONGRATS, you’ve successfully bought our first NFT Membership and welcome to the family!

Additional Links and Resources:



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