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Long before NFTs, food has always been a connector of family, friends and the community to cultivate memories around a dining table. As the world evolves, connecting with customers is happening both in person and virtually. Joe’s Imports is taking a recipe out of the Web3 handbook to provide new opportunities to engage within the establishment and beyond within the metaverse. The Joe’s Imports NFT is a utility-based ERC-721 token and the first-of-its-kind in Chicago at a Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurant that will provide the perfect opportunities for wine lovers and cyber enthusiasts to come together and be part of an inclusive community. Launching in mid-September, Joe’s Imports will provide a token-gated membership to access exclusive in-person and virtual community experiences.

Outdoor Patio on West Fulton Market

NFT’s have recently garnered success with profile pictures, collectibles, 1/1’s, and in many other forms to bring a community element, internationally connecting individuals to be part of an engaging experience. Joe’s Imports is entering the Web3 space to bring loyal and online customers together through a digital experience while enhancing it with something tangible embracing innovation with in-person elements at Joe’s Imports that they’ll never forget.

The Joe’s Imports NFT artwork is in honor of the late Joe Fiely, or “Smiley Joe Fiely,” as guests warm-heartedly referred to the namesake of the restaurant. He was the beloved Wine Director at Scott Harris Hospitality for decades who recently passed away. His smile lit up the restaurant, faces of customers, and the hearts of the entire community. His legacy will live on as a portion of the proceeds from the Joe’s Imports NFT mint will be given back to support the Chicago community.

Smiley Joe Fiely

By owning the Joe’s Imports NFT, customers will have exclusive rights to individual tokens, access to member-only events, promotional offerings, member-only wine lists, exclusive chef’s tastings, complimentary tastings, and much more at Joe’s Imports at Fulton Market in downtown Chicago. In addition to the in-person restaurant utility, Joe’s Imports will provide virtual, engaging experiences as Joe’s Imports NFT community expands for everyone to feel part of the close knit family at Joe’s Imports.

The membership program will offer three tiers of participation- Gold, Silver and Bronze- all available in limited quantities-1000 Bronze, 100 Silver, and 10 Gold memberships. There will be an allocation of 500 presale slots via PREMINT to the public and another 500 allocated to the PREMINT Collectors community. Presale will begin on 09/18 at 12 PM CST and the Public Sale the following day, 09/19 at 12 PM CST. All of the information can be found on Joe’s Imports NFT page.

Membership Cards (Bronze, Silver, & Gold)

The Joe’s Imports royalties on secondary are set at 7.5%, to be used for operational costs and to build further utility as the project matures. The launch of the NFT will bring a plethora of utility for participants, and Joe’s Imports looks forward to continuing to evolve the membership opportunities for online customers as they embrace the culture of crypto, NFTs, and decentralization.

The values at Joe’s Imports have always been predicated on quality food to serve the customer and provide an excellent experience. At Scott Harris Hospitality, parent company of Joe’s Imports, they understand the fine details that go into success and will bring this same level of service to each NFT member. Joe’s Imports affinity is for food and wine, and the memorable experiences will be taken to the next level through the NFT to bring a sense of community.

The plates at Joe’s Imports are the canvas; the service is their specialty; and their customers are the most loyal advocates and enthusiasts. Together, they will continue to serve a beautiful, delicious and engaging experience to enhance the community. Joe’s Imports is excited to showcase their amazing quality within the restaurant and beyond into the metaverse.




Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurant & Wine Bar Located in Fulton Market, Chicago, IL.